MACRO: Palette Organizer v1.1 (updated)

I made a minor "tweak" to the v1.1 macro, changing the "field separator" character used internally from \t to β”… (because I have some macros with tab characters in their names, so that text in palettes lines up, etc.). I chose β”… because it seems to be a character no-one else might accidentally stumble upon.


Changes were made as follows:

  1. Changed line 1028 in from the "Custom Floating HTML Prompt" HTML in the section "Prompt the user to re-order and re-number, abort if canceled" from:

result.push(macro.macroUUID + "\t" + macro.macroName + "\t" + macro.prefixNumber + ")" + macro.macroNameNoPrefix);


result.push(macro.macroUUID + "β”…" + macro.macroName + "β”…" + macro.prefixNumber + ")" + macro.macroNameNoPrefix);

  1. In the action "Search β€˜palorg_Line’ returning palorg_Number, palorg_MacroName, palorg_MacroUUID", changed the regex from:




Might be useful for others if this change can be incorporated into the "official" version.

Thanks for a superb (!) macro.

I never thought of using tab characters in the macro names. You said you use them so that text in palettes lines up - can you post a pic or two of the palettes? Thanks!

What a very useful tool! Thanks @DanThomas!

Would it be possible to re-arrange macros's order (select, drag, drop macros from the mouse/trackpad) from the Palette organizer?

Thank you!

You're welcome. And nope. I mean, yes, someone could probably modify it for that, but it's a lot of work. Especially for something you don't use all the time (except at the beginning, when you're getting everything organized). Sorry. :smile:

Is there a way to rename more than 67 macros of one macro group?

I had a group with 168 macros that I trigger in only one specific application and had to split them in a few groups because of the 67 limit.

Palette Organizer is for renumbering the two-digit prefix number. Since you can only have 2 digits for the prefix (unless that's changed?), the limit should be 99, not 67. At least, it should be 99, not 67. Are you seeing something different?

Selecting 242 macros of a macros group displays "Starting Number must be a number between 1 and -242." error message.

Selecting 67 macros of a macros group at the same time displays "Starting Number must be a number between 1 and -67." error message.

Any plan on making Palette Organizer renumbering three-digit prefix numbers?

Select the 67 macros before you run Palette Organizer. You can select up to 99 macros before running Palette Organizer.

As for 3 digits, as I mentioned earlier, Keyboard Maestro only supports 2-digit prefix numbers. So having Palette Organizer support 3 digits wouldn't serve any purpose.

If you want that many macros on a palette, break them up into two palettes. You can easily align the palettes next to each other.