MACRO: Paste Named Clipboard Value

I have several snippets of text that I need to frequently paste. The destination varies: text editor, website, etc.

I've entered the text snippets into Named Clipboards and use this macro to paste the values.

Seems like this might be useful for others. Please provided any suggestions for improvement.

Paste Named Clipboard Value.kmmacros (7.0 KB)

Thanks for sharing.

If you are storing and pasting images, rich text, or objects, Named Clipboards is the way to go.
But for plain text it is much more efficient and easier to manage if you just use either Global Variables or Dictionaries .
In your case, Dictionaries might be a good choice.
If you are interested, you might look at Dictionary Value Viewer.


  • One advantage Global Variables have is that they are available to view and edit in the KM Editor > Preferences > Variables pane.
  • One advantage the Named Clipboards have is that they are available and searchable using the Named Clipboard Switcher , AND they are also available to view and edit in the KM Editor > Preferences > Named Clipboards pane.
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Thanks for pointing out dictionaries and Dictionary Value Viewer.