Macro stops for no reason

So I have made a macro which runs and then at the end to restart the whole thing, I put execute macro: "the current macro name",

This works well and the macro restarts itself using this line at the end for about 10-20 times and then it doesnt restart anymore, like I have some sort of limit. And this happens with other macros too where I use execute macro: at the end to either jump to another specific macro or restart current.

Basically it stops repeating itself after X amount of time for no reason.

What could cause this?

Probably not possible to comment unless you show us the macro.

( Not sure how the KM stack works, but your scheme might inadvertently be creating a kind of russian doll inflation – recursive macro call within macro call until memory gets depleted. In any case, hard to guess without seeing it )

I did try this, and it gave up from exasperation or resource-depletion after about half a minute of annoying noise-making.

One of the Control Flow actions like Until or While etc (i.e. a loop, rather than an unconstrained recursive descent) may provide a better framework for whatever you are trying to do.

Rather than 'restarting the whole thing', by using execute macro: "the current macro name" you are launching a second instance within the running macro which stops the enclosing macro call from coming to an end.

This may be continuing, call within call, like a recursive or self-similar picture-within-picture on a chocolate box, until things hit a resource limit and grind to a halt or pull an emergency cord.


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PS checking 'asynchronously' on the Execute Macro action might permit the calling instance(s) to close, but you are probably still better of with one of the Control Flow loop actions.