Macro stops on Sierra


The macro I used for about a year without any problem on El Capitan stops on Sierra. I had added the condition above when I first made the macro to have it keep running, but now it stops a few hours after it's triggered if I'm away from the keyboard. My mac doesn't go to sleep. It only turns off the screen when not being used.

Is there anyone with this problem?


I found that it stops even when the screen isn’t turned off. I don’t know how long does it take to stop yet.

I tried to duplicate this and left it going and forgot about it and found it was still going the next day.

So it is hard to know for sure what might be going on for you.

Until loops can have a timeout, so that is a possibility.

You could perhaps make macros that trigger when the Finder Launches or Quits and log that and see if anything appears in the log file.