Macro to Automatically Create Open File Macros

And superfluously confirming your feeling, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari all successfully downloaded with the name edited. :wink:


This file name error appears to be either a Discourse or Safari issue, as the same results happen if you attach the file the forum in Safari rather than using the Share to Forum facility.

I have reported it to the Discourse folks at:

Hopefully they can resolve it.

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Your clarity and thoroughness reflection your scholarship and is an example for others. Thank you for what you bring to your work and the contribution it is to all of us.

Maybe Scholar would be a better moniker than Elder? Anyway, aging is generally overrated when we're young and feared when we get older :wink:.

It's not "aging" that people admire, it is wisdom, that usually only comes with experience and age. :wink:

Agreed, yet, “Elder” only confers age and while Wisdom usually only comes with age, age alone clearly doesn’t confer Wisdom. One must use one’s time well to develop understanding into Wisdom. It’s a bit of alchemy in that there’s no formula to get there. I’d say an essential element is the courage to stay true to one’s chosen course. That is admirable indeed!