Macro to switch folders on Streamdeck?

I'd like to navigate from one Streamdeck folder into another folder with a single button push. Streamdeck software doesn't help with this and the only way I've thought to do it is to build a KM macro that will first push the Up One Level button on the Streamdeck and then push the Desired Folder button.

The problem is that KM sees every single Streamdeck button as being the same button. No matter which button I push I get this:

Stream Deck XL #65280

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


Well this is interesting. I just tried ControllerMate to build the macro. ControllerMate sees the Streamdeck as a device but it does not have any button building blocks for it. Instead there is a message that says, "The Button Group building block is unavailable because Stream Deck XL does not have multiple buttons."

Wow. !!

Maybe the next version of Keyboard Maestro will help.

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Thanks Peter,

would there be an approximate ETA?

When its ready.

Perhaps a couple months.


Did this feature make it into version 9?

Keyboard Maestro has direct support for Stream Deck with a plugin that you can download directly in the Stream Deck configuration.