Macro trigger - chrome address bar

Is it possible to setup a trigger so that it would run a macro once chrome address bar gets focus? In other words once i’m ready to type a web address, the macro would be executed?

If you use the keyboard to select the address bar (⌘L), you could tie the macro to that key, perhaps?

As for other solutions, we must await the gurus :wink:

Yes, i’m aware of this option.
But i need that every time i switch to Chrome, be it Cmd+Tab or any other way, and the location bar gets the focus - then KM would run a macro.

Well, the reason for that, is that i’m writing a lot in Russian language and quite often i need to go online to look something up and do some research and if i forget to switch keyboard layout then i start typing web address in Russian. I want KM to automatically set the language to English by pressing specific shortcut but only when the focus is on the address bar.
So basically i’m trying to implement the browser feature of restricting keyboard layouts only to English layout when you’re typing any web address.

Hey RuslanI,

No. Keyboard Maestro cannot automagically watch for focus to land in a specific field in a specific app.

You're probably better off creating a macro to access Chrome's Address Field and getting into the habit of using it.


There is a chance that Bill Cheeseman's UI Actions utility can see and create a notification for address-field-focus in Chrome.

I wouldn't bet on it, but you could install it and find out.

Note that this utility is not for the faint-of-heart.

Best Regards,