Macro triggering menu item does not work. How to troubleshoot?

I often use Select a menu item actions in Scrivener and have not had any problems.
Despite all my efforts , including deleting and rewriting the macro, I cannot trigger a specific menu item in Scrivener (all other Scrivener menu item actions have worked in the past).
Menu item I want to trigger: View → Outline → Hoist Binder
when I run the macro: nothing happens
I wonder if the macro could be confused by the fact that there are 2 Outline (3rd one down and 15th one down) in the View menu as per below?
thanks very much for your time and help



You might try using the OSX System Preferences: Keyboard. Go to tab Shortcuts. Choose App Shortcuts. Hit the + button to add a shortcut to a menu item.

View->Outline->Hoist Binder

Choose a keyboard shortcut for this menu item. Whatever you have chosen will now be a keyboard shortcut for that menu action. So just have Keyboard Maestro type that keystroke.

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thank you very much.
A quick follow up question: after 'hoisting', the menu changes to unhoist.
Could I do the same things for View → Outline → Unhoist and give unhoist the same shortcut, the result being hoist if not hoisted and unhoist if already hoisted ?
The advantage is that I would only have to learn one shortcut.
Thanks very much

I was able to to this, but initially dealt with a bug in the System Preferences. When I added the second action (View->Outline->Unhoist Binder) to the same shortcut, I got some peculiar behavior. For a while, the second shortcut showed up in System Preferences as an ellipse (…) and I would have to double hit it to get it to work. I made another shortcut to some random thing and then deleted it and restarted Scrivener and suddenly it started to work. And it displayed correctly in System PReferences.

Once it works in the "real" world - just hitting the shortcut key over and over and it toggles back and forth - then it should, and did, work when called by Keyboard Maestro.

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thank you very much !
I greatly appreciate you taking the time to test it out.
Have a nice weekend.