MACRO: Variable Inspector Prompt and Dictionary Editor v3.2

Hi @Dan - I made the change as you specified and now it all works, thanks! (That's one heck of a web app!!)

Awesome! I didn't really need to use the ResizeObserver - I had just learned about it and thought I'd try it out. I'll re-code it using a regular "onresize" event. I'll post an update in a while.

It is a pretty cool web app, if I say so myself. I had a blast working on it!

I bet you did! Great job!!

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BTW, Dan - since I have a two-display set-up, I always prefer the prompts, dialogs etc that KM generates to appear on the screen that's currently displaying the frontmost (active) window. So I've taken the liberty of adding an extra action to your VIP action as follows:

KM 0 2022-02-02_16-48-56

I'm not saying you should make that change to your next release - it's just a nice enhancement for me but maybe also for other users with multi-display set-ups!

I obviously haven't been using VIP for long (!) so if there's already something like this built-in do let me know!

Thanks again for all your hard, brilliant, work.

You shouldn't need that - it should save and restore the last position, as long as you don't close it using "escape", or the red button in the upper left. Is that not working properly for you?

I didn't realise that so I've just tested it and yes, that works - but if I move the prompt from, say, display 1 to display 2 it will then always appear on display 2, even if the frontmost (active) window is on display 1.

What I want is for the prompt to automatically appear on display 1 or 2 depending on where the frontmost (active) window is which is what my extra action achieves.

I hope that makes sense!

Ah yes, that does make sense, and the way you accomplished it looks perfect.

Can you delete your "45" macro, and install this one, and verify everything works correctly when you resize with window? Thanks.

45)[VIP] Setup Variable Inspector Prompt - Advanced (Subroutine) (74.3 KB)

Yep - that's all working perfectly now.

Perfect, thanks. I'll update the first post, calling it "v3.0.1", but it's the same as what you have now, so you don't need to download it.

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Cheers, Dan, thanks.

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@DanThomas, I've download 3.01. THANK YOU—It's incredible.

Coupling Variable Inspector Prompt and Dictionary Editor with Favorite Actions and Macros makes is so much quicker and easier to create and debug macros. Every macro author needs these two tools!


Hi Dan,
When I use the Copy Variable(s) Contents button, I get an error:

undefined is not an object (evaluating 'navigator.clipboard.writeText')
in btnCopyVariablesClicked at 4858:24

Stack Trace:
onclick at 6931:24

Using v3.0.1

Dude, you gotta upgrade your OS. :slightly_smiling_face:

If that one fails, then so will the other Copy button, and possibly something else. I can fix it, though.

Delete the "45" macro again, and unzip and install these macros:

Clipboard (75.1 KB)

Let me know how it works for you.

Well, show me a new technology iMac with a big screen and I'll be there :crossed_fingers:

It doesn't - I get the exact same error.

Sorry, I forgot to put the updated HTML in the macro. Delete 45 again and import this:

45)[VIP] Setup Variable Inspector Prompt - Advanced (Subroutine) (74.5 KB)

Make sure you still have 56 installed.

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That seems to have fixed it, Dan. Thanks again for accommodating my obsolete OS :smiley:

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No worries. I'm actually thrilled you're helping!

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Just uploaded version 3.1. Hopefully this will be it for the updates. :crossed_fingers:

As I say in the version notes, if you have v3.0 or v3.0.1 and you're not on Mojave, you don't really need version 3.1, except that it consolidates some internal macros into one, so it's a little "cleaner".


I thought I'd make use of the "cleaner" 3.1 but I'm feeling a bit awkward now because the function to copy a variable's contents is not working anymore. When I click the copy contents button, nothing is actually copied to the clipboard.