Macro works in FileMaker 16 but crashes FileMaker 17

I have a macro in with a single action: Select "Set Script Triggers..." in the Menu "Format" in the Front Application. It works perfectly in FileMaker 16 and appears to in FileMaker 17, but when I dismiss the script triggers dialog, either with "OK" or "Cancel," FileMaker 17 crashes.

I've tried it on multiple files, both served and local, and the behavior is the same across them: Hit hot key, script triggers window appears, press "OK" or "Cancel," crash.

At first, I thought this was a FileMaker 17 issue, but manually selecting the menu item instead of using the macro does not crash FileMaker. But it's very strange because it doesn't crash when the macro is executed, but when the dialog box is dismissed.

Can anyone think of a reason this would be happening and of a way to fix it?


I just created here in FMPA 17. Exactly as you described.
Triggered via status menu and then hotkey.
Both worked without crashing.

Thanks for letting me know the results of your experiment. Interesting. I'll try it on a different user account first and see which results I get.

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Tried the experiment and I have more information.

Remember how the selection is targeted to the "Front Application," not FileMaker? Well, that's because I generally keep multiple versions of FileMaker. Currently I have FileMaker 15, 16, and 17 Pro Advanced and FileMaker Pro 16. All the FileMaker macros go into a FileMaker group that is only available to the various FileMaker versions. Then I can use "Front Application" and it'll work across them.

I think it might be the group. I created the macro and it worked as you described. I then created the group, placed the macro in the group, made the group available to only FileMaker (left the macro target as FileMaker instead of Front Application) and it crashed with the same behavior I described.

Note, I have numerous macros for FileMaker, and only this one is having the problem. Most of the macros are menu selections for Custom Menus, Custom Functions, etc. Only Script Triggers is causing the crash.

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