Macro writes out too many times

Im not sure whats going on but I installed apples magic keyboard and now everytime I activate a macro that writes something out, it writes it out many times for example a normal smiley “:)” becomes “:))))))))))))))))))))))))))):))”

I have tried disabling bluetooth, so thats not the issue and the normal keyboard also repeats things many times when I hit the macro to write something out.

Any help to why this is happening would be appreciated. Thanks

It will help if you post your macro.

Its simple macros that has worked for months… for example when I hit “.” it should write out “…” two dots according to macro, but it writes out 10 dots, sometimes 15 dots, its like the key is stuck or something. Same thing with any other macros i have that tries to write out something using SHIFT or a DOT… it writes out more than it should.

@Leeroll, chances are that something else has changed on your Mac system.
But we really can’t be of much more help until you post your macro.

Post the macro so we can see.

If the macro looks like:

Trigger: Hot Key "."
Action: Type “…”

then you will be in trouble since the typed “.” may trigger the macro.

But without seeing the macro, it’s hard to even guess.

I found the problem but it does not make much sense to me, if I change at the top from SWEDISH keyboard to English or something else, the macro sends out the written text fine, only once, no repeats. But ONLY when I use the Swedish input keyboard settings, the bug occurs with random repeated times of writing out things.