Macros for Retina Screenshots on the Forum

Many folks nowadays have a Mac with Retina display. Me too. When you are posting a Retina screenshot on this forum it is displayed at double size. This is annoying and ugly.

As far as I know the reason for this is the Discourse forum software which doesn't know how to handle resolutions other than 72ppi.

What can you do about this?

To prevent oversized images on this forum you have basically two methods:

  • Resize (downscale) the screenshot before uploading.

  • Reduce the preview dimensions ("width" and "height" attributes) of each uploaded image in the forum's post editor (composer).

Both things can be automized. But each of them has advantages and disadvantages:

Resizing image before uploading:

  • Good: Smaller images => less server load and bandwidth consumption
  • Bad: Image quality will suffer. The downscaled images appear pretty blurry.

Reducing the preview dimensions in the post composer:

  • Good: Sharp and crisp images
  • Bad: More image data to upload
  • Bad: Not really suitable for images with a width greater than 690px

What's the issue with 690px image width?

Basically on this forum there are two types of images:

  • Images with a width greater than 690px
  • Images with a width up to 690px

In case of Retina screenshots both types will be displayed at double size. But there is an important difference that affects how we should treat Retina images (if we want the best possible result):

When you upload a wide image (width >690px) the following will happen:

  • The forum software automatically reduces the dimensions ("width" and "height" attributes) of the preview image so that the width is exactly 690px.
  • If a visitor clicks the preview he will see the image in its original size.

When you upload a narrow image (width ≤690px) none of the above will happen:

  • The preview will have the exact dimensions of the original image
  • If a visitor clicks the image nothing will happen, since it is already displayed at max. dimensions.

Here some examples to illustrate that:

A. The original images:

All the above images are unmodified Retina screenshots, obviously they are displayed at double size, and "truncated" to 690px.

B. Now, each image file — before uploading — resized to 50%:

The images now correspond to the actual size on a Retina display. But quality has suffered. (Blur.)

C. Now again the original, unmodified image files, but with all width and height attributes reduced to 50% in the post composer window:

All the above images are unmodified Retina screenshots, obviously they are displayed at double size, and "truncated" to 690px.

If you are seeing this on a Retina display you will notice that the quality/resolution of the smaller ones (up to 690px) is way better. However, for the larger ones this method doesn't seem to yield any benefits:

  • To calculate the width and height attributes of the larger images (>690px), you have to know the original image dimensions (because the forum has changed the attributes). That is: difficult to automize.
  • The larger images trigger the generation of the preview image which seems to be at single resolution anyway.
  • A click on the larger images brings back the oversized images, which is not helpful.

OK, since we have understood that now, let's move on to the macros :wink:

Macro #1: "Change Image Preview Size in KM Forum Post Composer (up to 690px width)"

[If you don't care about the display quality of your screenshots on the forum, then you can skip forward to Macro #2. Otherwise read on.]

If the width of your images is less or equal to 690px than use this macro. Typical small images are screenshots of menus, small areas of windows, etc.

This macro does not alter your image files. It merely runs on the text in the forum post composer window of your browser.

How to

  1. Drag your screenshots into the composer window as usual. Do not downscale them before.
  2. Once you have finished composing your post, select the entire text in the composer window and launch the macro.
    • The macro will search for all attributes like (example) width="420" and height="240"
    • Each found width and height will be scaled by a factor of 0.5
    • The adjusted text will be pasted back into the composer window.

Instead of selecting the entire text you can also select only one paragraph, or just the line with the image link. (But always select at least an entire line, not only the "width" attribute or such.)

I do not recommend using this macro for images with a width greater than 690px.


  • As explained above, wide images (>690px) are automatically downscaled to a preview width of 690px when you drag them into the composer. Applying this macro would mean downscaling them again by a factor of 0.5. This will result in too small previews. To get the correct dimensions you would have to calculate them based on the original dimensions of the images.
  • If the visitor clicks the preview he will be presented with the image in its original dimensions. In case of Retina this means: the double-sized monster appears again.
  • Since the wider images tend to have an elevated file size, it is more server-friendly anyway to really downscale them, instead of uploading the "double-sized" images and only changing the attributes.

Since you probably will forget to check the preview sizes of the dragged images, the macro does that for you: If it finds a 690px image you'll get a warning. You can ignore the warning or stop the macro.

So, for wide images (>690px) the best choice seems to be to really downscale the original images before upload. This leads us to macro #2:

Macro #2: "Downscale Images for KM Forum (more than 690px width)"

This is the macro for wide images. The typical screenshots of a KM macro (as you see it below) falls into that category.

How to

The macro operates in two (auto-)modes:

In the Finder

If the Finder is frontmost then the macro presumes that you want to downscale an image file. So, …

  1. Select the screenshot file(s) in the Finder.
  2. Run the macro.
    • The downscaled files will be saved in the original folder and with the original name, plus a suffix consisting of the scaling factor.
  3. Drag the file(s) into the composer window of your forum post, as usual.

Not in the Finder

If you are in any app other than the Finder then the macro presumes you want to downscale an image on the clipboard. This is typically the case when you are in KM Editor and just have selected "Copy [macro] as Image".

  1. Once the image is on the clipboard launch the macro.
    • The image will be downscaled and saved to a file (default location: Pictures folder). Please set the destination folder in the macro. (It's the first, green action.)
    • The file will be named with date and time, suffixed with the scaling factor.
  2. Drag the file into the composer window of your forum post, as usual.

Similar as with Macro #1, the macro will check the width of the image. If it finds an image with a width less than 690px then it will remind you that the better option would be to use Macro #1.

Macro #2A: "Copy as Image (KM Editor) and then Run the Downscale Macro"

This is just an optional "prefix" macro for Macro #2: It selects Copy as Image from KM Editor's menu and then it executes Macro #2. This saves you one keystroke in KM Editor.

If you don't wish that you can always run Macro #2 without Macro #2A, for example when you are in the Finder or when the image is already on the clipboard.


KM Forum (Retina Screenshots) Macros.kmmacros (20.9 KB)

Usage tips

  • If you don't care about quality then ignore Macro #1 and just use Macro #2 all the time. In that case you may want to disable the image-width warning in the macro.

  • If the screenshots for your post are a mixed bag of wide (>690px) and narrow (≤690px) screenshots:

    1. Drag the narrow images into the composer window.
    2. Run Macro #1 on the composer window.
    3. Run Macro #2 on the files of the remaining wide images (or on the image on the clipboard).
    4. Drag the downscaled wide images to the composer window.
  • The resizing macro (Macro #2) is saving the clipboard to file, because in Safari you can't directly paste an image from the clipboard to the composer. If you are using a browser that allows you to do that, then feel free to disable the "Write to File" actions.

  • The resizing macro (Macro #2) is divided into the main macro and a subroutine. Leave the subroutine disabled so that it doesn't appear in a palette. It will work nevertheless.

  • I you need a different scaling factor you can set it in the macros.

  • You have different possibilities to launch the macros:

  • By default Macros #1 and #2 have the same F1 hotkey, so you get a Conflict palette and can choose. (Macro #2A has a different shortcut, because when launched from a Conflict palette it will not see the "Copy as Image" menu item.)

  • You can open the group palette from the KM menu or from the Global palette:

  • Assign the macros to different groups: For example Macro #1 to your Safari (or Chrome) group, Macro #2A to your KM Editor group.

  • Assign different hotkeys.

  • Assign shorter names to the macros. The default names are very explanatory, so that it becomes more obvious what each macro does.

To sum it up:

For optimal results:

Screenshots ≤ 690px wide:

  • Drag image file(s) to the composer of the forum as usual, then run Macro #1 on the text selection in the composer.

Screenshots > 690px wide:

  • New screenshot via KM Editor's "Copy as Image" --> Macro #2A

  • Resized image will be saved to file

  • Screenshot is already on the clipboard --> Macro #2 (Finder must not be frontmost)

  • Resized image will be saved to file

  • Screenshot is a file --> Select file(s) in Finder --> Macro #2

  • Resized image will be saved with a new name

Update (2017-09-25):

  • Replaced sample images in post with unoptimized raw screenshots.
  • Added Macro #2A "Copy as Image (KM Editor) and then Run the Other Macro":

Very nice. I generally use my Post Clipboard Image macro:

which I've updated to finish with:

Which copies the half sized width/height, which I manually paste into the img tag.

What would be even better would be if a) Discourse supported retina images properly, and b) Safari supported pasting images!

But I guess if all software worked well no one would need Keyboard Maestro.


@Tom, thanks for a great discussion and for your macros.

I haven't tested your macro#1 in Safari, but in Chrome it does recalc the image size tag correctly, but the Discourse Forum SW zooms it back up to full Retina size, if less than 690px.

I have had a macro similar to your macro #2, that resizes the image using KM Actions. The image is produces seems the same as the one you posted above. It works using the KM Editor "Copy as Image" menu, so I just have one hotkey to create the resized image. I'll clean up my macro and post in a new topic for comparison.

@peternlewis, can the KM Editor Share tool be adjusted to resize if the image dpi is 144? Here's a part of my macro that does this:

Here's a test using Safari.

Original Image (Retina)

After @Tom's Macro#1

OK, same test in Chrome:


Very strange behavior in Chrome:

  • When I attach from Finder (Path Finder actually), the forum src tag is
    width="345" height="451"
  • Preview app shows it as 848 x 1110

So Discourse is definitely handling images differently in Chrome than in Safari.

BTW, the resized image from Safari in the prior post stays resized in Chrome.

One more Test:

Paste of Retina Image into Chrome

Same results as when attached from file.

If it shares to the forum, it should get the right resulting image height and width.

It does npt in my testing, with Chrome.
Running Keyboard Maestro 8.0.1 (8.0.1) on macOS 10.11.6.

Just for grins, I'll test it again now, with the same Actions.

Image Upload to Chrome via KM8 Sharing

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/a/aca0f2b7729dc338f796a64ff3eec93e8aecd596.png" width="502" height="550">

Interesting. The size is between the other two.
I'm confused, but I'm tired of testing and dealing with this issue.
I just did a major revamp of my macro upload to NOT use the KM Share image, but my image after resizing (if needed).

Maybe I'll take a fresh look at it tomorrow. . .

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@Tom, I don’t have anything that can generate that nice set of measurement bars. Could you please zip of the original full size images and post?


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Good that you asked, because that pointed me to a small error I made:

The original sample images were run through pngquant and advpng (this is what I usually do with screenshots). While pngquant behaves correctly it seems that advpng is setting the 144ppi to 72ppi. (ATM I don't know why, but possibly it is linking to an old (<1.5) version of libpng.) [1]

That did not affect the forum display of the sample images, however, it is a bit unfair to complain about the forum software not being able to handle 144ppi images, and then uploading 72ppi images as samples :wink:

Besides that it could affect the display in Chrome (since you have found out that there differences between Chrome and Safari display) and of course the display of the images with future Discourse updates.

So, I changed the sample images to the original — unoptimized — screenshots.

Here all 5 images: Original Rulers - raw (86.9 KB)

[1]: By the way, also when resizing via KM the 144ppi images are set to 72ppi (A bug?, @peternlewis). I will try to correct this in the subroutine macro.

I believe all generated images are 72dpi in Keyboard Maestro unless you explicitly use the Set Image DPI action.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have added a Macro #2A that selects Copy as Image and then executes Macro #2.

I prefer the modular approach here, because that way Macro #2 remains universally usable:

  • Running Macro #2A it makes the screenshot in KM Editor and downscales the image.
  • You can still run Macro #2 on any image on the clipboard, independently of KM Editor. For example, when you have edited a screenshot on the clipboard in Preview (⌘N), no need to save it, just do ⌘A ⌘C and run Macro #2.
  • When in the Finder Macro #2 works on selected image files.

As said, do not run Macro #1 on Images > 690px wide.

Your resulting image is too small, because when you drag a >690px image to the composer the “width” attribute of the img tag immediately becomes 690px. If you then run Macro #1 on the img tag it will be scaled once again (to 50% of 690). So, the end result is a double-downscale by an unknown total factor.


  1. Your original image is 1000px wide
  2. You drag it to the composer --> the width is auto-set to 690px
  3. You run Macro #1 on the img tag --> 345px

The correct width would be 500px, not 345px.

But, even if you calculate the “width” attribute manually (based on the original image size) the forum software will create a preview that is always “single-density”. (Not so if the original width is ≤690px.)

So, for Retina images > 690px it is best — IMO — to physically resize them before uploading, because:

  • Preview quality is the same
  • Smaller file size.
  • No oversized images when the visitor expands the preview.

This is how it works in Safari. Cannot speak for Chrome.

Make sure you add the Clipboard Filter trigger to macros that take and adjust the clipboard and use the Trigger Clipboard instead of the System Clipboard.

That way you can use them directly on images in the Clipboard History using the action menu on the items.

OK, the saga continues. The further I go, the more confused I become.

Check out the image in this post.

This image was uploaded by the KM8 Share button using Chrome.
Running Keyboard Maestro 8.0 on macOS 10.11.6.

If you look at the post markdown code, you see this for the image:
<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/8/8e7a1b6215fd6e7fffa72b83bfa1316f0903503a.png" width="229" height="767">

Note the width of 229px.

All of the below is the same for both Chrome and Safari.

But if I measure the image in the post using the Mac screenshot tool, I get a width of 606px.

But, if I mouse-over the image in the post, it shows a width of 918px.

I don't understand any of the ratios:
229/918 = 0.25
606/918 = 0.66
918/2 = 459

So, I think the Discourse forum SW is really fu¢king with us. What do you guys think?
(sorry for my slang, but I am really, really tired of this issue).

I see, you really want me to install Chrome …

Nope. My MBP is still pretty new, fresh and virgin; so no way for Chrome or similar stuff :wink:

Nope, as I said, same issue with Safari. It is just not as easy to upload an image with Safari.