Macros not executing in a specific application group

I created a group and set it to be available for the application Photo Supreme (a photo DAM app I use heavily). I created a macro in that group, tried it, and nothing happened. I moved the macro to the Global Macro Group and tried it again. It works from there.

To test my group setup, I created a simple macro to display an alert. Again, this does not work in the Photo Supreme group. I created another group and made it available to another random app I use. I copied the alert macro there and it works.

It appears that it is something about the app Photo Supreme that prevents it from working with KM. Searching through the forum I found two queries with a similar issue. Neither had a response.

I am running the trial version of KM to see if it is a good fit for me, and Photo Supreme is the app that would get the most use.

I'm just an average user here. But let me try to help.

I did what you did. And it works for me. Since I don't have Photo Supreme, I just use an app that I have. It works.

I don't think your conclusion is correct, that P.S. is preventing KM from working. Maybe you should post your macro here on this thread. If I can see it, I'm more likely to be able to help.

The only time I've ever had this problem is after updating certain apps, having to select the app again in the "Available in the applications" dropdown of the KM folder. In those cases, there would be a second instance of the same app, as though it's recognized as a different app. Any chance you have a similar issue?

Interesting observation. Valid theory. Potential cause. Let's see. Bi-word sentences. Ha ha.

Thank you both for your responses, but it works now. I tried the age-old "restart the Mac" solution and that fixed it. Thank you for your attention.

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Over the course of my life I have learned the top two rules for solving all computer problems: (1) try everything twice; and (2) reboot. These two rules solve more than half of every problem I've faced.

Rule 3 is "explain the problem to someone else." That also helps a lot. Even if the other person says nothing or isn't even listening.