Macros Sync and Remote Triggers

Dear all,

I synced up all my Marcos to another mac but couldn't figure out how the remote trigger works on 2 macs that are synced.

Based on the documentation, there is a UniqueID1 and a UniqueID2, which are supposed to be able to determine which mac is unique, but it sync across both macs.

May sound really dumb if sync across and I trigger any marcos remotely, both macs will be triggered?

Any help greatly appreciated!

A Remote trigger has two parts, basically two UUIDs in the form UUID1/UUID2.

You can configure the trigger to be either "this Mac only" or “shared”.

In the latter case, you can see both UUIDs, and the entire thing is used in the Remote Trigger action or the URL - any synced macros would be triggered on each Mac (or indeed, anyone’s Keyboard Maestro Mac with that full shared remote trigger).

In the former case, the first UUID comes from the preference MacRemoteUUID. This should be unique on each Mac. However if you have migrated from one Mac to another then that preference will be copied and you should delete it on the new Mac (if you intend to keep the old Mac around) with the command:

defaults delete com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine MacUUID
defaults delete com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine MacRemoteUUID

so that they are recreated.

In that case, the trigger will be unique on each Mac, even if you are syncing your Macros.


@peternlewis Thanks!

I figured out the relationship between UUID1 and 2. But your advise on deleting prior to changing machines is really enlightening.
Will keep that in mind for sure!

Wonderful community!