Macworld article: 8 unexpected uses of Keyboard Maestro

A new Macworld article by Anders Lundberg, Keyboard Maestro: 8 unexpected uses for the old-school Mac-hacking tool includes lots of great example macros ideas, such as:

  • Open an app when inserting a USB device
  • Autosave in Microsoft Word
  • Automatically connect VPN on insecure networks
  • Open a website at a set time
  • Keep your social networking in check
  • Open in Chrome
  • Set actions for special mouse buttons
  • Use MIDI devices to control your Mac
  • Pull a prank
  • Set up your Mac for different locations
  • Automate filling in website forms

There should be some new ideas there for most people.

Interesting, especially the “Pull a prank” one. :slight_smile:

The list got me to thinking. I have (or at least used to have, I’ll have to look for it) a device with multiple pedals that send MIDI signals. I used to use it to trigger various things when I was performing. It would be interesting to use it with KM. And this would be further proof of how much of a geek I really am!