Magic Mouse Not Recognized By USB Device Trigger

Trying to make a trigger based on a mouse click. I'm able to do this with the built in MBP trackpad, but not the magic mouse. Any reason for this, and is there a fix/workaround?

My humorous response is, "KM stands for Keyboard Maestro, not Mouse Maestro."

My real response is that Apple doesn't let apps (like KM) intercept mouse clicks. However there are some workarounds. For example, you can intercept some secondary mouse buttons that are assigned USB codes. Also, you can use some software that comes with some mice to redefine the meaning of a click into another USB code, and when you do that, you can achieve your goal. I've done this. but it depends on your brand of mouse.

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Hi @jacksonhpeters, there is only the possibility of a mouse gesture.

If you work a lot with the trackpad or mouse, I recommend BetterTouchTool (also via Setapp).
I use 95% of my workflow with this app as a trigger for KM macros.

Here is an example of this: