MailFolder released!

Sorry. I don’t have an exchange account any longer. I know it works on local mailboxes, iCloud, Gmail, and iMap.

I'm using it happily (on Sonoma 14.2.1) with an exchange (well, Office365) account and it's filing messages just fine.

Only wobble I'm seeing is that if I tell it to file multiple messages at once the selection moves down once for each message it files, even though the list of messages it's actually filing is collapsed. (i.e. it might look like it's filing extra messages, but it's really just filing the ones in the collapsed conversation).

Have you checked that your index file has all the folders you need in it?

I got it working now, after restarting mail a few times. I have the same “wobble” and obviously its a bit slower than previous system (I was a mail act-on user).

It’s not a bug. I have to file each selected message individually, even if the set is collapsed.

Yeah, I figured it might have been an inherent limitation that you had to work with. Still damned impressed you got it working in KM! It's a great back-up until msgfiler gets working again. Thank you ever so much for saving my sanity.

Thanks. By the way, I think the problem you see only happens with Gmail. I haven’t tested with Exchange.

I'm a late-comer to Sonoma because my primary Mac, a 2017 iMac, could not be upgraded from Ventura. My brand new Mac mini M2 Pro has "blessed" me with Sonoma. The quotation marks reflect the numerous speed bumps I've encountered with the many enhancements to my Mac environment.

The one remaining bump is finding a replacement for SmallCubed's Mail Act-On plugin. I'd been thinking I could do something with Keyboard Maestro. @ikenassi, I'm thrilled to discover you've beat me to it!

Are there instructions on installing and configuring MailFolder? For example, which of KM's two File > Import actions should I use to import the MailFolder library?

I'm also hoping other Mail Act-On users can offer advice on the transition to MailFolder.

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No special instructions. Just drag it into KM. It should recognize it’s the first time, and build the DB automatically. Look for the help prompt for the documentation.

Hi Ike,
how can I install your solution?
ciao, Daniele

After dragging the MailFolder library into KM, I found the ⇧⌘9 shortcut to the MailFolder Dashboard and requested Help. The warning about "/" in folder names prompted me to check the MailFolderOutput.txt backup file. When I didn't find it, I clicked the "Rebuild Database" button, which popped a security alert:

"Keyboard Maestro" wants access to control "Mail". Allowing control will provide access to documents and data in "Mail", and to perform actions within that app. ....

After clicking the "Allow" button, I was able to build the MailFolder database for the first time. A scan of my 2320-line backup file didn't reveal any bad Mail folder names.

So far, all of my attempts to file an email result in this AppleScript error notification. I can't get more of the message:

Macro Cancelled
Execute an AppleScript failed with script error: text-script:2001:2021: execution error: Mail got an error: Can't get missing value. (-1728). Macro "MailFolder File" ca...

screenshot: MailFolder AppleScript error

See the discussion with Ward Clark.

@ikenassi, I'm familiar with KM's Macro Debugger, but I have no experience using AppleScript in KM. Is there something I can do to investigate the AppleScript error I'm getting?

I use Script Debugger, but you could use Apple's Script Editor also. I don't see the error you're getting, but I would start by uncommenting out the two lines in the AppleScript that suppresses the debugging info. The two lines start with "set theAnswer"... This should tell you what MailFolder thinks the selected mailbox is. Beyond that, you could use KM to "try ... otherwise ... end try" action to give more info. Unfortunately, I don't have time right now to dig more into this.