Make the Notes visible at the bottom of the Action

I often write notes for some of the actions. But, I don't read them because they are hidden.

A little appendix just the bottom of each action would be very helpful to read the note/reminder.

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I like how the purpose of the screenshot is to point out where the bottom of an action is. You get a :heart:️ just for that.

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I agree. For those who don't want to show the notes, there could be an option in the Gear menu to "Show Notes", along with a setting in KM Preferences.

I never use the Action Notes, just because of this issue. So it often forces me to add a Comment Action to enter my notes.


If I'm not using comments, I rename the action itself. I do not use notes for this same reason.

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Exactly, I have seen you write Comment action just to explain one action.

Comment action would be more appropriate to explain the whole macro while a visible Action Note would be best to explain individual actions.

I hope @peternlewis is reading this :wink:

I read pretty much everything. I don't always respond (primarily because this forum is full of awesome people responding!).

I would like to do it via Tool Tips, but unfortunately the system does not handle dynamic tool tips at all well.

I will ponder what possibilities there are.

Thanks for looking at this Peter.
FWIW, I don't like tool tips for this use case. That forces me to use the mouse just to read a macro. What is the objection to just (optionally) displaying the notes at the bottom of the action?

I don't necessarily object to such a solution. It would take a noticeable amount of work to do it, it's not something I can just flip a switch for, so it comes back to a cost/benefit issue, as well as all the usual other issues (complexity, visual noise, etc) or almost any UI feature.