Making Group Available in Multiple Windows?

Is there way to make a macro group available in multiple windows with different names? The windows have completely different names, so I can’t do matches, contains, or doesn’t contains unless I can specify them in a array format or something.

I would think you could come up with a regular expression for “matches” that would work. Something like:

^(window name 1|window name 2|window name 3)$

Let us know if you need help with the regex. If so please supply the exact names of all the windows you want to match.

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Oo, I didn’t know regex works in the window title field. That’s perfect!


That’s what “matches” means. If you see “matches” as a condition, you can use regular expressions.

If you need to know the various options regex available in KM, check out the Wiki.

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Awesome! That really expands the possibility!!! Thank you!

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Hi Forum,

I have to dig up this thread. I'm at this point and this is the first time I've heard the term Regex.

Could someone give me a hand with the specifics?

My 2 window names would be

  • Edit Filter
  • Clear Selected Items

Thank you and,

@DanThomas gave you the solution above:

It is short for "Regular Expressions".

Regular expressions (RegEx or RegExp) are extremely powerful, but have an initial steep learning curve that is often intimidating. But once you get over that initial hump, and you continue to write new RegExp, it will become much easier.

I do all of my RegEx development at this free website:

You may also find these sites helpful:

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Thanks Michael, the solution was right in front of my eyes.

Also thanks for the Regex Explanation & Link.


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