Markdown Text Formatting Bar WIP

I just thought I'd share a work-in-progress. I'm building a multimarkdown text formatting bar for use in text editors like TextEdit, WordPress, SimpleNote, and my preferred SimpleNote client, Metanota.

I use Metanota on my Macs very much like I use Drafts on my iPad, so I'm building it up with the help of KM to do all the Drafts-like things I need. The blue Metanota panel on the top-left is also very much a work in progress and contains macros that copy, reconfigure in some cases, and move content to external applications and files.

Here's the full app showing both KM palettes.

Cool idea.

You can right-click on a "cut off" image, and select whatever option you have to view the image in another tab/window, to see the whole thing.

That I knew, but I wanted to show the image while reducing the number of clicks for anyone who wanted a look. I’ve since reorganized my original post, too.

It’s cool. I just wanted to make sure you knew.