Menu hover item disappears on Yosemite


All multiple-choice menus in KM have their currently selected item disappearing when I hover the menu in Yosemite (if choices, menu activation, everything really). I can click and then select an action, item or whatever, but until I click the current item remains invisible. Isn’t this a bug?


It seems to me that they are still there, but in white. Which shows up poorly against a pale grey background!

This is what I see when the mouse pointer is over the field (pointer not visible in screen capture). I maybe growing old but this is more invisible than "showing up poorly"... :slight_smile:

Yes, I started seeing the same thing right after I upgraded to Yosemite.

Yes, this is one of several bugs in Yosemite (see This one was introduced very late in the development cycle (in DP8, the last one before the GMs). It has been reported to Apple (rdar://problem/18376252), but there is no movement on it at this stage. The only solution I have to it involves the use of private APIs.