MIDI - wildcard in note value?

I'd like to create a script that is conditional based on the incoming note value. So a single macro that takes the note value and then looks up the appropriate macro to execute from a table of note values to macro name mappings. Actually... I have that working. What I don't want to have to do is manually create 254 triggers (127 for pressed and 127 for released) in my top level macro. And further, that's only for a single from source - I have two from sources, so I'd have to do that twice. 508 entries (updated: nevermind... realized I can select any for channel and device). I tried to see if it would accept any note if I left the note field blank. That doesn't seem to work. I also tried * - no go. I just want the macro to accept ANY note on any channel from any device (and then I'll parse TriggerValue to call specific macro from a lookup dictionary). Possible??

Edit: Actually, what would be great is to have a generic MIDI trigger that passed the MIDI in "generically" or "raw" and allowed me to parse TriggerValue for all values (note/CC/packet, number, source, channel, etc).

That is what the MIDI packet trigger.

Use that and parse the results yourself.

Ok, so I have spent 20mins trying to find a tutorial on how to interpret the raw packets. Example:
80 48 7F,KOMPLETE KONTROL S61 MK2 Port 1
Any articles you can point to on how to figure it out? 90 is note one - 80 is note off. 48 is C4? I think. But rather than reverse engineer, if there is an article/description... that would be hugely helpful!
[EDIT] Very Helpful - Hex to Integer

For anyone else trying to figure this out...
If you want all notes - just change <= 127. Or you can pick a range. I am using this to lookup the note value in a dictionary associated with Macros. Now, note to macro mappings are updated in a single place. Much easier!

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