Mimic Alfreds script filter behaviour

Hi all,

Im trying to find a way to migrate from alfred to KM but im missing the script filter behaviour (at least i think i am).

What i want to do, is open some kind of prompt with list that it will be able to return different results as I type characters.
For example, with the prompt open

  1. when i type the letter ‘o’, it will return me a list of files (ie the results of find ~/ -type f).
  2. when i type the letter a, it will return a list of the system applications.

The hard part here is the update of the choices as i type (AFAIK the existing Prompt with list only allows a predefined list that can be calculated before hand.

Does anyone know a work around this ?


Alfred behaviour example: https://youtu.be/HHtwjul-Huo?t=111

Keyboard Maestro has no equivalent facility for that kind of Spotlight-like searching. The Prompt With List is not designed for a list anywhere near as large as the results of find ~/ -type f (which on my Mac would be hundreds of thousands of files).

The first half you could do with an initial Conflict Palette designed so that “o” or “a” produce different results, but the search through an arbitrarily long list like all your files is not something that would work well with Keyboard Maestro (and list of all system applications would be fine).

But Keyboard Maestro (at least currently) does not attempt to be a launcher like Spotlight/LaunchBar/Alfred/Quicksilver.

As @peternlewis points out, Keyboard Maestro and Alfred are different types of tool. The trick is to integrate their use rather than shoe-horning yourself into using only one of them.

Searching for their names together quickly leads to some approaches to integration – listing and launching KM macros from Alfred, etc.

(and the same applies, of course, to LaunchBar)


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I have to ask why the OP wants to migrate away from Alfred.

thanks for the replies people!

I have to ask why the OP wants to migrate away from Alfred.

I found myself creating a few alfred single keywords that all they did was launch a KM macro, so i thought that i might have been using the two tools wrong.

But i guess i need to re-think my usage of the two tools.