Mission Control Space Number

I've seen forum discussion (most recently within Move Frontmost Window to a Different Space) where others have expressed an interest is determining the Mission Control Space Number.

Based on what I've read, determining the space number is somewhat complicated. If I'm properly understanding perternlewis' comment here, then this value is not available via a public API.


I found a very handy open source menu bar application that I've been using for months: WhichSpace. It does one simple thing well: it displays the current Mission Control Space Number on the Mac menubar.

With the help of the WhichSpace author, George Christou, I just created this macro that I will call:

  1. at the beginning of macros that switch spaces but conclude by returning to the original space.

  2. At the end of macros that switch spaces (but do not return to the original space).

Set SpaceNo.kmmacros (4.8 KB)



this looks neat. Did you find a way to use it to move to specific workspaces or send applications to a specific workspace?



No, but I'm using Move Frontmost Window to a Different Space -- it's great!

Those that regularly use Mission Control Spaces might find Return to Previous Mission Control Space Macro interesting.