Mission Control without "Prompt For User Input"?

Hello KM User,

I have set up a workflow using BetterTouchTool to call the macOS Spaces overview and then either switch to it or also file app windows individually.

I have set up a macro for calling the Spaces overview....

18)Space to <6CA4 210217T214932>

which then calls a sub macro group/palette to deselect Spaces or move the app window to it.

This is what it would look like in action:

Is it possible in KM to combine the calling of the spaces (1 - 6) in one macro? So without a "User For Input Action" etc.. Just by pressing the number on the keyboard.

(1) calls the Spaces overview and should then Wait until....

(2) until I have entered the corresponding Spaces number.

18)Space to copy <8844 210217T215914>

I am very grateful for any suggestion for a solution.

maybe setting a variable using a Typed String:

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Enable a macro group for one action only and use typed-string-triggers as @hello suggests?


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