Misspelling Text Corrections with a list - how to?

When I was on Windows, I had a section in my automatically started script that corrected any of my typical typos, e.g. adn -> and or mispelled > misspelled. This was a big help.

Now I am an enthusiastic KM user, but I stlll have not found an equivalent in KM: a kind of list that is easy to maintain. I found this here, but the Dropbox link is broken.

From my little knowledge I assume that I need to program a macro for any of "my typos", instead of using a kind of list (can also be a csv file or similar). I could use the Replace feature of Mac OS, but I think KM makes more sense to be used for this.

Any hints?

Hey Torsten,

Please see my post here: Create Text Expansions Macro

Also – please review the entire thread.

I've asked @raguay to provide the library again, so I can update the original post – but there's no telling if or when he'll get back to me.

-Christopher Stone { Keyboard Maestro Moderator }


The library is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3t51dyeh9q9hcba/CommonMissSpelling.kmlibrary?dl=0

Sorry, I didn't realize I had moved the file around and messed up the link. Please download it and place it somewhere else also that might be more reliable.

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I've uploaded the file to the original post.


Great, thanks a lot.

However, I need this for German and I already have a list. I opened the macro above and saw that it contains a whole bunch of single macros.

I also noticed that there is no AHK translator script, thought this is quite basic syntax in this case.

In AHK it is e.g.

In KM a similar case would be much more complicated (the example I wanted to insert is automatically formatted, but now you can all access the macro above.

Or simply let's assume you have a kind of txt or csv file for this. How to create a kind of library for this?

Hey @Torsten,

The text-replacement methodology is fixed.

You can automate the creation of replacements, but the method remains the same.

If you want more flexibility then you should look at Typinator (or other dedicated text-replacement utilities).

I prefer Typinator myself after using TypeIt4Me for nearly 20 years, TextExpander for a couple of years, and trying out all the other available options over the last 30+ years.

I find that Typinator and Keyboard Maestro have good synergy.