Modifier key to Open URL In...?

Hi folks,

I use multiple browsers (mostly Safari, Chrome).

When I'm viewing a web page in one browser, I'd love to be able to hold down a modifier key on my keyboard before clicking a link, in order to open that link in a specified browser. (It would be best if the browser was chosen based on the modifier key held down.)

Is this possible?

Basically, no. There is no trigger that would detect that (except maybe detecting all clicks, and that is unlikely to be useful) and no way to know what the link would be to.

A commonly used macro simply takes the current URL (FrontBrowserURL token) and opens it in a specific browser (perhaps dependent on the current browser). So in Safari, it opens in Chrome, and vice versa.

I haven't used it, but you may want to look at the app Choosy to see if it satisfies your goals.

While you can't use a modifier key with a click to trigger a macro, you could use any other KM Trigger , like a HotKey, to trigger a macro that gets the URL under the mouse, and then open it in the browser of your choice,


MACRO: Create Markdown Link from Hyperlink Under Mouse [Example]

You could easily mod the script to just return the URL, instead of a MD link, then open that URL in the desired browser. You can use the KM Open a URL action and set the app to your desired browser.