Mojave 300%+ CPU Usage

Four times a day I have to force quit Keyboard Maestro in Activity Monitor because it's using well over 100% CPU. I restart that and the app and everything is fine for a few hours then my computer starts to get hot and slow down and then I see Keyboard Maestro taking up a ton of CPU again.

Does anyone one know a solution to this? Keyboard Maestro worked perfectly before Mojave and everything seems fine except for this excess CPU usage.

What version of KM are you running?
Are there any KM macros running when you observe the high CPU usage?
(you can see running Macros by going to the KM Status Menu > Cancel


I'm using Version 8.2.4.

I never noticed the running macros section, I'll have to wait for it to go crazy with the CPU to report what is going on.

I figured out what was causing my Mac to go into high CPU usage when using Keyboard Maestro. I have a macro that with one push of the button saves emails as PDFs. The macro had a wait until this image shows up and since Mojave changed the look of the save dialog box it never found the image and kept using high CPU usage.

Thanks to @JMichaelTX for pointing out the cancel macros button as it helped pinpoint the issue.

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Make sure you add a timeout to the action so it does not get stuck again.