Mojave - Keyboard Maestro actions no longer work

I made a mistake that's preventing Keyboard Maestro from not working properly on Mojave. I think there was a popup for allowing Keyboard Maestro's access to System Events. I denied access in a hurry, and Keyboard Maestro actions aren't working now on Mojave.

Has anyone come across this and knows how to solve this? Or, should I reach Apple's customer support team?

Iā€™m still on High Sierra, but I guess the popup was about Accessibility Permissions. See this KM Wiki article.

Thanks for the reply, Tom.

I looked at this a bit more, and turns out what I wanted was under the Automation section. I am all set.

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Yes, once you deny automation permissions, the system wont ask again and you have to enable it manually.

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How do i reenable ? I assume it's a stupid question (and I know they do exist) but ...

I don't see any + options on the automation allow apps screen

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Hmm, I would assume that the application would be listed in there but not checked.

But so far I have seen:

  • Applications listed and checked, but when you unlock it shows as unchecked
  • After unlocking, changing, and then relocking, the checkboxes remain enabled. Even if you switch out and back. No idea if checking or unchecking still works at that point or not.

You might need to run the Terminal command:

tccutil reset AppleEvents

That will reset your Automation preferences.

That or perhaps restart.

Or just hope Apple eventually start writing security permission systems that work reliably.