Monterey & Shortcut App Worth a Look?

I am a long-time KM user and couldn't be happier. I use a few iOS shortcuts on my phone but I just upgraded to Monterey on my desktops, I haven't messed around with the shortcuts app but I wanted to see if anybody has spent any time using it and if there are any advantages using the native app for certain tasks.

I know it will be nowhere close to as powerful and as good as KM but just wanted to see everyone's thoughts.

I've tinkered with Shortcuts since the Monterey Beta arrived. It's not really a competitor to KM because it's not really a programming language. For example, you can't create a WHILE or UNTIL loop. I mean, how useful can a language be without a loop? I guess if your needs are very basic, Shortcuts could be used instead of KM on macOS.

But it does have some features that are unique that can be useful, and since Shortcuts can be accessed from KM macros, that means Shortcuts makes KM even more powerful. E.g., Shortcuts has excellent hooks into Apple HomeKit.

And also keep in mind that KM isn't available on iOS, so if you need macros on iOS, that means Shortcuts is the better/only choice.

P.S. It's hard to be sure if you mean "I couldn't be happier" or "I could be happier" since the latter is a very rare expression and the former is very common.

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good catch and I've corrected the spelling!!

I'm new to Keyboard Maestro and have about 10 macros now. If you don't know anything about programming it is complicated but thanks to this community it is the best piece of software I've stumbled upon for a very long time.

Shortcuts is much easier. You can do simple stuff but that's it. I've found out that a lot of people are combining Shortcuts and KM to have the best of both worlds.

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