More Efficient Way to Check When Window Is Ready?

Hello everyone!

A lot of my macros revolve around clicking/pressing buttons through windows, and a lot of these windows happen to be finder windows. Whether that be going to a new directory via cmd + shift + g or clicking buttons through the finder etc.

Given latency, some actions take longer than others, I imagine due to IO reasons. If I were to construct the actions one by one, without pauses, usually the macro will fail because the finder window wasn't "ready", and therefore the relevant buttons weren't there to be clicked.

The way I've been dealing with this is by inserting pauses in-between actions. Like a 0.3 second pause in-between actions to make sure that the windows are ready proceed. Basically, I was wondering if there's a more efficient way to handle this in Keyboard Maestro, or is this the best known way of handling it for the time being?

Hey Juliu,

First try using the Pause Until action.

If that doesn't do the job for you report back with more specifics about what you're trying to do.


Thanks Chris, I'll play around and see where I get :slight_smile: