More elegant way of iterating though items on list

HI ,

I've managed painfully to automate downloading of bank account with KM successfully.

I've bank accounts setup like
Company1 Username1 password1 pin1
Company2 Username2 password2 pin2

ToPost on KM Foum

  1. I use regex to extract the usernames using arbitrary symbols wrapping them in <> , < , >>
  2. Is there a "better" way of doing this ?

That seems pretty good. Note: You should probably take the graphic down and remake it with the values obscured.

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+1 for @MartinPacker‘s reply.

Also, I would use a single regular expression with 3 capture groups in it to populate the three variables all in one use of a search action rather than having three search actions as you have. Like this:

KM Test CleanShot 2020-07-10 at 10.33.33

But, if it works and you’re unsure of how to construct a regex as I suggest then just leave it as is!

PS. I've used local variables just to stop them cluttering up my own KM - but you can use any variables you like of course!

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Thank you so much @MartinPacker & @tiffle for the replies.

I didn't know about different types of variables. I've already started researching on local & instance variable after your post. Great to know you can capture multiple variables in 1 go using regex !


I feel compelled to point out how incredibly dangerous your approach is.
Anyone with access to your Mac could easily access all of your bank accounts, and withdraw all of your funds.

I would use a password manager like 1Password to encrypt and securely store all of your accounts.
Then you could write a Macro to access your accounts using the password manager, which would require you to manually enter your master password.

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HI @JMichaelTX, thanks for the warning.

The macro does run on my personal pc only with credentials which allow only reading rights. BUT I'm going to integrate 1password slowly.