Mouse Positioning Macros

Tired of dragging your mouse all over the screen? This group of macros uses keystrokes to position the mouse to the edges, corners, and center of internal and external displays.

For people relatively new to KM, or have not used window functions, It provides example of basic mouse maneuvers, window calculations, "sub macros", and a few other things.

Admittedly there are a bit obsessive, but I actually use these, especially when I have my large external monitor connected.

➜ Mouse Positioning Macros.kmmacros (1.0 MB)

(Edit 2016/05/19 12:39 CST: Replaced macro file with a properly named one. The macro group will import disabled for safety, and the user must manually enable both the group and the macros in the group. -ccs)


Updated version fixed to handle auto hide/show menu bars.

Mouse Positioning Macros.kmmacros (1.0 MB)

People’s macros have been all over the place with issues like keybindings and disabled setting, and whether just the group is disabled or the macros too. There should be guidelines about this.

Is it really necessary to disable all of a group’s macros if the group is disabled? That must have been tedious to check the disable box on every macro in the group.

Hey Mitchell,

They probably wouldn't be followed consistently.  :smile:

I reckon not.

No, I just selected all of them and hit a keyboard shortcut for Toggle Enable (in the View menu.


Hey Mitchell,

If you post more than one version of a macro it's a good idea to give the file a version string.

It's not a bad idea to put an attribution comment in the macro either.

Usually when I change a one of my already posted macros I edit the original post and then post a new blurb like “Macro in post #1 updated 2016/05/19 15:52 CST”. That makes sure the forum's email system pushes out a notification (which it does NOT do when you edit a post).


ah, yet another thing I didn’t know about – discouraging and encouraging at the same time. (I mean finding out about that.)

Good idea about the posts. I was trying to sneak in the new version, with its minor changes, before anyone downloaded the old :-)…

I’ve been putting attributions in a macro that describes the whole group. Sounds really tedious to put attribution in every Macro, though it would be easy enough to have a macro that creates the new macro and adds the attribution to it. Actually, I have something like this that creates a new macro and adds a keystroke trigger to it, ready for me to type the keystroke.

True. One good attribution for a group should be sufficient.

I just posted this:


It just occurred to me that maybe not. I was assuming the group would remain intact, but of course users are free to move macros to other groups. In the case of my Mouse Positioning group that wouldn't make sense, but if the group were a mixed bag of macros, each one should have an attribution. I guess the same goes for versions. Ugly.

Version 1.2

Update to handle initialization more appropriately.

Untitled Macro File.kmmacros (1.0 MB)

I just (!) realized that there is an entire Wiki page carried over from the old KM Wiki documenting these macros in detail. I would also like to point out that although the keyboard shortcuts all use the extended keyboard keypad, one could develop a scheme that used the main keyboard. If you do, please let me know about it.