Move a specific app window to current mouse position (across spaces/desktops)

I often run presentations with my mac where I have to use multiple screens and spaces. I would like to have an easy way to bring a specific app to where my current mouse pointer is.

For example:
I use the timer app 'Big Countdown Timer'. It may be located on Desktop 3 on my mac. Let's say, I am currently in a presentation and showing something on Desktop 2 on the extended projector screen; it is the active window. Is there any script or action that I could use to move my timer app in a step (with a hotkey) over to where my mouse currently is?

It would help me so much! I have been search for a bit, but could not find any obvious way.

Thanks a lot!


This kind of thing should do it. It records the coordinates of the mouse position and centres (in this case) TextEdit front window at that point. You hopefully can just replace the references to TextEdit with 'Big Countdown Timer' in two Actions in the Macro.

EXAMPLE Move App to Mouse Position.kmmacros (4.5 KB)

Click to Show Image of Macro


Thank you so MUCH! This works exactly as I hoped and dreamed!

Very grateful, Zabobon!


EDIT: Actually, I just noticed that one main scenario doesn't work yet

Let's say 'Text Edit' is on 'Desktop 2' on my extended screen and I am on Desktop 4. If I invoke the hotkey, it just jumps to Desktop 2, instead of moving the app there. I guess I understand why it does that based on the logic, but I wonder whether there's an easy way to cover for this scenario?

Thanks so much for investing your time in this!

Yes, I was worried about the effect multiple desktops/spaces might have on doing this. I never use spaces myself as I find them too confusing. With my setup, having in effect an extended desktop which stretches over to the external display this approach works. I suppose you would first have to get the App into your current space/desktop (I was hoping simply activating it would do that - but I suppose it does the opposite and changes your view to the space the App is already in..).

Ok, so that's a limitation then. I cannot use this solution with spaces and the app to move to the mouse must always be visible somewhere at the moment. Regardless, it's a great step forward!

There is an app for Mac for doing what you wanna achieve

I forgot the name but you can search in Mac App Store

Maybe easier that way

Hi @maik. You could possibly combine @Zabobon's approach with macros/subroutines provided here: Desktop Spaces • Macros to Improve Navigation and Window Management

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@RazMastero: oh, I would love to know what app that is. Impossible to find without a name. There are so many window management tools out there. If you can recall, it would be super helpful :slight_smile:

Hey @_jims thanks for the link! This looks like a great resource indeed!