Move and Click at (%Variable%x%,%Variable%y%)

How can I move and click a coordinates by variables x and y?
I set the variables called x and y using JXA, and I can see the variables getting updated by the script.
The macro fails during executing the move and click action when I put %Variable%x% and %Variable%y%.
I also tried putting %Calculate%X% and %Calculate%y%.
However, I can use the variables in speak text action with %Variable%X%, %Variable%y%.
Thanks for your help!

Read the Text Fields topic on the wiki.

The text fields in Keyboard Maestro, things like Insert Text, accept text tokens (like %Variable%Name%).

The numeric fields in Keyboard Maestro, including things like the position of clicks, accept numeric calculations (like Count * 5).

So basically just use “x” and “y” in the Move & Click action, not %Variable%x% and %Variable%y%.

Awesome, that worked!