Move and Click isn't clicking

I am using a Move and Click at (0,0) from the Center of the Found Image action and it isn't doing the click action. My cursor jumps to the right icon flawlessly but nothing happens after that.

If it is moving, but not clicking, then you know the image is being found and the move is taking place.

So the likely cause is the app ignoring the click.

Try changing the Click to Just Move, and then add:

  • Pause 0.5 seconds
  • Click at 0,0 relative to the current mouse location

or even:

  • Pause 0.5 seconds
  • Click And Hold at 0,0 relative to the current mouse location
  • Pause 0.2 seconds
  • Release Mouse

See if that works. If that doesn't work either, it may simply be that the application is not properly processing events (maybe looking at the hardware directly).

I did some testing and it's a little more interesting. It appears a single click isn't working anywhere but a double click does work.

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