Move & Click not acting right

I upgraded to KM v8 this morning, as soon as I heard. Great app, great support. Upgrading is a no-brainer.

But, I have a problem. I am now using an app called Freeter all the time. I highly recommend Freeter. It functions as a dashboard for putting all my efforts managing a project into one place. It’s not a project manager per se, but so useful it's in the category of "where have you been all my life"? No, not selling it but wanting to pass it on (basic use is free). Freeter Home, Using Freeter.

OK, my problem. Freeter doesn’t default to the same pull down list of projects every time it is launched. No problem, Keyboard Maestro to the rescue. I created a hot key to open Freeter and select the Freeter Project that I most often use. The macro will open Freeter, pause 5 seconds, click on the project menu, and then click again to select the main project I use to coordinate what I am doing.

So far, no problem. But now I am trying to go a little farther. I use Freeter and TaskPaper together where my TaskPaper document is used to manage the to do’s, comments, and actions I am taking on a project and Freeter keeps all the components gathered in one place.

I continue using the same macro that launched Freeter and selected it’s maint project, but I now want to move the mouse to click on my TaskPaper trigger I have put on my Freeter page. I used the move and click mouse command in KM exactly as I did to get the pull down menu to work.

But, it will not land very near where it is supposed to land. When I test the move and click mouse action by clicking on “GO”, it goes to the right spot where the mouse is described to land with that command.

But using it in the above mentioned macro, just keeps sending the mouse to a different location. I cannot figure out why this is happening. I have put in a pause before this part of the macro and it makes no difference at all.

I could easily work around this by adding a step to just launch the TaskPaper file. But, why? This should be working - but it is not.

Including a screen shot for clarity:

Freeter uses a very non-Mac-standard UI, and KM may be having problems finding the main window properly. Maybe it is confusing the Freeter window with the TaskPaper window.

It may be a bit redundant, but you might try this:

  1. Before your first Mouse Move, insert:
  • Activate Freeder (and check bring all windows to front)
  • Pause Until Freeder is frontmost

Your last Move Actions looks a bit strange to me.
What the negative X (-2060) ?
What are you trying to click on?

Most of that macro works fine. It launches Freeter, pauses 5 secs for it to open and initialize, then clicks on the screen where it’s Projects menu is. The Projects menu opens, and then it clicks a second time to select the top menu item that I wanted to see. All of that works as it should. So it is not Freeter in the first part.

On a possibly related note, I use three screens normally. The iMac where I tend to open Freeter is normally on my center screen. Since I set this up with the GET command using KM, it should work, shouldn’t it? At least, the GO command still goes to the same spot. But then the macro, does not.

Ohhhh… my bad! Now I see (said the blind carpenter as he picked up a hammer and saw). I had it set to “front windows corner” (default position) instead of “absolute position”. Now it works as it should.