Move Pointer not working

Hi there - I'm on Mac 10.14.6 and try to automate the pointer. I got it working on other occasion but not anymore.

I got a macro like this:

Triggered by any of the following:

  • ![Trigger icon|16x16] The Hot Key F17 is pressed

Will execute the following actions:

  • ![Action icon|16x16]Move Mouse

At (0,0) from the center of the main screen.
Stop macro and notify on failure.

Pressing F17 doesn't do anything. My other actions seem to run fine. Keyboard Maestro is listed in the Accessibility settings.

Any idea somebody what can be wrong?


Could be a Mojave issue. See:
How To Resolve Accessibility Permission Problems

Also, see How to post/upload your macro or script.

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Sorry for the late thank you.

The tccutil reset Accessibility did the trick and fixed an issue with another app I had!

Thanks a lot!

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