Moving a selected file into a folder

I have seen that there are several solutions in the forum in this regard, but perhaps I am quite unable to adapt it to my need...

I have to move a selected file into a folder.
The location and name of the containing folder change every time, here is an example:

Inside a folder (any time has a different name) I have a that I want to select and to move inside a pre-created folder named "Capture". The .mov file and the folder are at the same level in the same folder.

I need to do it many times, in other folders, but the structure is the same, just with to each time select the .mov and trigger a macro to move it inside the "Capture" folder.

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  • Marco.

Here are a couple of examples that should get you started:

Let us know if this meets you needs, or you have further questions.

Thanks for your kind reply,
yes, I had seen this macro, but I have some problems in understanding how to set the "SET PARENT". I would use this macro inside a series of folders contained in an external hard disk, the structure is like this:

    ----- FOLDER_1
    --------- FILENAME.MOV
    --------- CAPTURE_FOLDER
    ----- FOLDER_2
    --------- FILENAME.MOV
    --------- CAPTURE_FOLDER
    ----- FOLDER_3
    --------- FILENAME.MOV
    --------- CAPTURE_FOLDER

So I'll go to each FOLDER_X, select the .mov file and with I keystroke to move the file inside the CAPTURE_FOLDER.
Now, what I've to insert in the SET PARENT filed of your macro?


  • Marco.

Based on that example structure, something like this should work:

Example Macro.kmmacros (1.9 KB)

Assuming that the CAPTURE_FOLDER is always in the same folder as the file, then you just need to make a minor mod, using the Get File Attribute action to get the Parent Path of both:



Thanks, got it!