Moving a window in my screen corner and stay there always when launched

hello im having problem figuring out how to properly set this macro

here's a screenshot of how i want this particular window to be, (its in the left low corner of the screen, is a volume control) you can see the knob being there in the corner , and i like it to be there always when this application is launched.

and here is the screenshot of the macro i am creating, but it doesn't work when i launch it, but if i press try it works, all i want is that when i launch this window, it goes there automatically.

It's most likely the macro is trying to move the window before it is there -- test that by adding a 10 second pause as the first action in your macro.

If that does solve the problem you can work to optimise it so you can "Pause until..." the window is ready to be moved -- that's a case of finding something that's only available once the window is there, perhaps a window title, a menu item, or (worst case) an UI element you can use Image Detection on. You can find a list of "Pause Until..." conditions on the wiki.

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yes that solved! thanks, ok so adding pauses is important for those factors, thanks a lot