Moving and resizing a couple of windows after launch of app

Ok so I'm extremely new to Keyboard Maestro and I cannot for the life of me get this to work. I've read and tried to modify the relevant macros and threads that exist on this topic already, but it just isn't working for me. It seems to be very flaky for some reason. Sometimes the macro I currently have will open the desired file (which is the first part of the macro - opening a jpeg in Preview) which is totally straightforward. And then much of the time it won't even do that part. And when it DOES do that part it's not doing the subsequent resize action.

I've included a screenshot of my work-in-progress macro. Obviously, the size and location parameters of the window resize are not right yet. Feel free to help with that too, please. I'm completely new to this. I want to open this jpeg and move and resize the Preview window on my second monitor so that it's just about full screen (but obviously not ACTUALLY full screen).

Add an action that manipulates a window, ie move Preview to the second monitor:

Add a notification at the end of the macro so you know it completed