Moving downloaded files to new folder


I have a number of CSV reports that will be downloaded from my email and need to renamed and placed in another folder to sync to my google drive and get loaded into some sheets.

I've got this macro built out, but it's failing and I'm not sure why. I think part of the problem is that the file names will always be different, but have in their file name "clients" for example, this one needs to go to a new folder and become "clients.csv", which means it needs to delete or overwrite the old clients.csv

Below is what I've got so far.

Thanks for your help!

Rename:Replace.kmmacros (15.5 KB)

Hey Alexander,

Take a look at this, and the associated links.

Keyboard Maestro Wiki: Folder Trigger

You'll probably be more efficient using a Switch or Case action instead of an IF-THEN construct.

Keyboard Maestro actions WON'T overwrite things when moving and copying.

You'll need to use the shell or an AppleScript to do that.

In your macro it looks like you're using a delete action to get around this, but you're safer if you use a trash action – because you can recover the file(s) if need be from the Trash.

If after reviewing this stuff you're still having trouble report back, and we'll get more specific.


Hello Alexander,
I don’t like recommending different software on Keyboard Maestro’s website but Hazel will do what you want. I use it for renaming and moving bank statements, electric bills, photographs and a lot more.