Multiple trigger failures in one Macro

I set up a simple macro triggered every twenty minutes. The periodic trigger worked for about two hours. I added a hot key trigger that did not work. I tried at least a dozen combinations. I added a typed string trigger that also didn't work. Other macros work. I added a two second delay at the beginning of my macro so I could press the Run Selected Macro button and switch to the application the macro works with. That works every time. I find this quite strange.

I quit and restarted the engine. I shutdown and restarted twice. The problem remains. I have not found problems with any other software. I tested more KM macros—all work.

The affected macro tells an application to Save As. The macro appends the date and time to the document name after backspacing through the previous date and time of the document. That's it.

Specs: OS X 10.12.6 KM: 8.2.4

can you share the macro or screenshot

Please upload both the macro file and image. See How to upload your macro .