Must Restart Mac for Some Macros

Some macros, which normally work, stop working and will not work again until I restart my Mac.

Other macros don't have that problem.

Any suggestions?

Moderator's note – see post #4 for one of the macros in question.

If some stop working and some don't, start with:

  1. What do the ones that stop have in common?
  2. How the ones that stop differ from the ones that don't?
  3. What changed just before they stopped working?

That'll help narrow things down to specific macros/situations that you can then investigate further.

Hey Will,

This is a very unusual occurrence...

What happens if you quit and restart the Keyboard Maestro Engine instead of rebooting? (You can do this from the Keyboard Maestro Editor – “Quit” transforms to “Launch”...)


Please post one or more of the problematic macros, so we can actually see what you're doing.


Quitting and restarting KM doesn’t fix it. I have to restart my Mac.

Here is one of the macros that stops working:


Center.kmmacros (2.8 KB)
Keyboard Maestro Export

Hmm. That looks normal enough...

Please post the actual macro, so we can test it verbatim.

I’ve posted my center macro (properly, this time) on the forum.

Thanks for your help.


See post #4

  1. Does it stop working in all applications, or only some?
  2. When it stops working, try triggering it by hot key, then with the "Run" button in the KM Editor. Do both fail?
  3. Then look at the most recent entries in the Engine log (in KM Editor's "Help" menu, select "Open Logs Folder" to get to the file) in the Console app or your text editor of choice.