Mystery of the Giant Checkmark

What is the purpose of that mysterious giant checkmark in the upper right corner of Keyboard Maestro 7?

I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing it means the macro is enabled.

that's right – it toggles the value of IsActive between true and false.

You can temporarily remove a macro from a palette, for example, and then bring it back if you need it later.

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Its the same enable/disable as the tick mark at the bottom of each column, so you can enable/disable macro groups, macros or actions individually.

Yes, I see now! And if you hover over the icons, they tell you what they do. It’s just that, from a UI standpoint, that checkmark is kind of huge. Some might even say gigantic. A third that size would be more than big enough, and then you’d even have room to add the words “Enable or Disable Action” under it.

I have to agree. The checkmark icon is larger than the macro icon.
When you first look at the Macro, it's the first thing my eye catches.
In keeping with the Mac Yosemite style, maybe something like this:

Totally! I’m about to enable a power nap myself.