Named Clipboard & Clipboard History Switcher Questions¬

Question 1: I have something on my Clipboard History that I would like to reuse in the future (maybe tomorrow or maybe 6 months from now). I can't seem to save it to the Named Clipboard. Is this possible? It's not a text or image. These are markers inside a Logic Pro project. They are copied to the clipboard so now I only have to find a way to save that so I can reuse it whenever I want.


Question 2: I see that the Clipboard History allows one to favorite certain "copies". Is this only useful when we then use the Search inside the Clipboard History panel (top right), or is there another scenario where this can be used to filter them?

Question 1: What works is to open the clipboard prefs and press "+" while the clipboard you want to move is selected.

Unfortunately this doesn't work with everything. I tried with an image, didn't work. Tried with a file, didn't work. The only one that worked was text...

Image, file, text, everything works here.

Favorites remain in the history, even when they would have normally been pushed off the end by more recent clipboard operations. The manual includes the phrase "so it will never be deleted", but I don't know if that includes blocking the "Delete Past Clipboard" action if that targets a Favourite.