Need advice: best way to have application placement based on rules (# screens, app type etc)

Hi all

so im trying to create rules (macros) that will allow me to place applications (based on pre defined placement macros i created) that will activate when an application launches.
these rules should take into account the if im home connected to 2 screens via dock or mobile with just my MBP screen. i have tried this to try and achieve this:

this is an example of my placement macro

in the macro as far as i can tell when the screen isnt 1 (ie when im connected to the dock) the preview app should launch and then the 02)2VS.F should be executed.
this isnt the case here.
any thing im doing wrong?
any better approaches to achieve this?

any tips welcome!


It is hard to tell since you have not provided detailed results of what actually happens.
Stating "this isnt the case here." does not tell us what did happen.

IAC, I'd start will adding a KM Debugger Start action at the top of your first macro so that you can step through it to determine the actual flow. Post the results back here if that does not clear things up for you.