Need Help Selecting Text Field & Button - Focus & Select Chrome Field Not Working

Hello. I'm working on making a macro to post items on eBay. I'm having issues with the macro though as it will not find or select the description text field. I've tried using "Focus Google Chrome Field" & "Select Google Chrome Field" using Xpaths but it is not working out for me.

Xpath I was using...

Here's a screenshot of the Inspect Code...

---------------- Issue #2 --------------

I'm also having issues with selecting the "Add Photos" button. I've tried doing the same things with Xpath and various Chrome Actions but nothing seems to be working to click this button.
Here's a screenshot of the inspection code.

I was using Xpath....

Please help me solve this issue! Thanks so much for any helpful advice you can offer a newbie like me!

Friendly Bump, I really need help with this asap! Thanks so much!

Friendly bumps are welcome. I declined to answer because the correct approach here is probably to use Javascript, (KM contains a Javascript action) and I'm mostly inept at that. So if I give you a path to a solution my solution will not be the best solution for your problem. Usually when that happens other people step in and provide a better solution. :slight_smile:

You don't sound like a newbie.

In the second question you asked, you said you were trying to click on a button. There is a Press Button action in KM. Did you try that? Did it fail? It's not very reliable for web pages but it's worth a try. Second, there's a Click Mouse action in KM that can be used to click on an Image found on the screen. Did you try that?

In your second question, you indicated that you wanted to "select the description text field." I think you aren't talking about "selecting text", rather I think what you are talking about is "getting the cursor active in the Description field". There should be a good Javascript solution to this, but I'm inept at that, so I would just use the Click Mouse action to solve this. In your case I see a button with a big bold "B" on the screen so I would use the Click Mouse action in KM to click 40 pixels below a copy of that button's image.

As I indicated, my solutions aren't always the best solutions when Javascript is involved. So feel free to ignore my solutions. Maybe if you reject my solutions someone more knowledgable about Javascript may step in.

Screenshots are helpful, but in this case I need the actual HTML to develop and test a solution. You can either post the HTML using a Code Block or provide the URL of the page (best).

BTW, in the future please just upload images directly into the forum. You can use copy/paste or drag/drop.