Need some help with if/else and triggers..complex (or idiotic :)) idea I have for safari quick marks


so I'm trying to create vim-lime qmarks in safari using KM

I have it working well for open in background in a new tab. Here is an example

I use a key bind to launch the pallete

then I had an idea. Why don't I use the same pallet to give me the option to either the qmark in a new bg tab or itin the current tab. This is where I got stuck

I had this idea in mind using the if/else statement but got really lost :slight_smile:

I'm having a hard time grasping a good way to condition the 2 states for the same pallet key (ie open in bg tab to open in current tab). I thought of using the "key is down" option with no success.
this is the current state

would appreciate any ideas anyone might have!



You're pretty close already. The only thing you're missing is a small pause at the beginning to give the macro adequate time to check if the key is still held down or not:


From there, you just need to tweak the pause time to find the right balance of waiting for the macro to act versus how long you want to keep your finger on the key for the background tab option.

perfect! Thx so much for the tip @gglick!



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