Need someone to guide me thru automating Safari livestream capture w/Screenflow

I'm a basic KM user who's been meaning to get further into it - and now I have to figure something out TODAY! I've been asked to capture a live stream video via a webpage in Safari tomorrow. The problem? I won't be home! So I need to figure out how to (a) have Safari refresh the page that I'll leave open (the live stream doesn't kick in if I simply leave the page open; it has to refresh at a certain time), then (b) have Screenflow start capturing at a certain time and finally (c) have Screenflow STOP capturing at a certain time. I would appreciate anyone taking the time to walk me through doing this, again keeping mind that I have a basic understanding of KM. As in I've created just a few macros: one in Sibelius and two for MS Word and that's it. Thanks!

Assuming you've already ruled out using a VNC app like Screens to remotely control your Mac from your phone at the time you would need to capture this video, it sounds like what you need is the Cron trigger, which lets you schedule macros to run whenever you want. Here's an example to help you get started (I don't have ScreenFlow, nor do I know for sure if this page's title will change once the livestream begins, but hopefully it will do for a start):

Example Macro.kmmacros (6.0 KB)